Meteor React Blog

This is an example of a blog I built for my little sister using Meteor, React and a headless CMS (Curerently Contentful, but also one ButterCMS branch). I want to make this an easy to setup boilerplate.

You can find a demo at Feel free to Contribute and if you need any info drop me a line at meteoreactblog@jmisteli. or maybe just to tell me if you built anything interesting using anything here!


The reason for building it this way is that I wanted to build a blog in React but didn’t really like working with the current Node CMSs. So I decided to use a headless CMS I started with ButterCMS then used contentful because I can get more free content. Now the problem is that I want to stay in free tier as long as possible which wont be option if there is a request made to headless CMS every time a user logs in (especially that the app is made in such a way that every page requires to load about 6 posts).

Finally, I chose Meteor as a framework. Why not an other framework? No real reason behind it except that I wanted to learn a bit more about it (Oh! and user Auth and management seems quite easy to setup). So maybe I’ll make an other boilerplate using an other framework.

You can find a version of it working at Even if intial loading can be a bit slow, thanks to React and the general architecture of the app, navigation can be quite smooth and fast I think.

Get Started

Clone This Repository

git clone

Install Meteor:

For OSX/Linux run :

curl | sh

For Windows, download the installer and follow the instructions at

Then run

meteor npm install

Finally just just run


And you are ready to code! (sort of)

Setup Your Contentful Account

Go to and create an account. Then Create a new Space, when given the option create an example space and pick the blog option. (see here: ).

This boilerplate almost exclusively deals with the Post Content Type.

In server/main.js replace the Access Tokens with you own. You can find SPACEID and ACCESS TOKEN (called Content Delivery API on contentful) by clicking on “APIs” on the contentful navbar > Content delivery /preview tokens »Website Key.

Write Some Posts and Watch Them Appear Locally!

Setup Webhooks

My workflow for working with webhooks locally uses ngrok. You can find more info about it at

To try out the webhooks localy run ./ngrok http 3000 in your project root folder then copy the server address and use it to build your webhook in the Contentful platform. All the webhooks related files are in imports/api/public folder. Sorry for the weird organisationm I started with the default meteor project structure, not sure I’m very happy about it.

##During Development

Components takes 3 props : src which is the contentful url, height and width. This will make a query to the Contentful server to return the exact image size you need. Like this you can always have optimized images!